Join me for a yoga class at Stanford Aerobics and Yoga (SAY) or you can occasionally find me subbing at Enso in Half Moon Bay.

My classes are highly approachable, lively, and grounding.  They focus on balancing flexibility and strength, increasing subtle body awareness, and quieting the constant churning of the mind.  Having found meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) essential to maintaining balance in my own life, I incorporate both into my teaching.



A former dancer-turned-yogi, I completed my 200 hour teaching certification with Brenna Geehan and Jean Mazzei through Sri Yoga in 2013.  I was trained in the Tantric approach to yoga, maintaining an emphasis on movement though breath, and a focus on working with energy to free the mind as taught by T.K.V Desikachar.

dd picture.JPG
spinal alignment in down dog with bio sensors!

As an engineer and researcher, I also enjoy understanding yoga, pranayama, and meditation from a Western scientific lens.  My PhD dissertation research was on the benefits of mindfulness to engineering design. During this project, I consulted with Dr. Shauna Shapiro to learn principles of mindfulness from a clinical psychology perspective. In addition, I love to read anatomy books and research articles to understand how the physical practice of yoga impacts the health of the body.

In 2017, I also began advanced training with Eoin Finn and I have been inspired to incorporate principles of the Blissology yoga system into my personal practice and into my teaching.